SAV’s new PT40 valves help maintain low heating system temperatures

SAV Systems has introduced PT40 radiator control valves, which help to reduce energy waste in heat networks through well-balanced radiator systems.

The TRV sets are pre-settable to a flow rate limit at each radiator, in line with the CIBSE Heat Networks: Code of Practice, eliminating the need for traditional balancing. Using built-in differential pressure control to ensure that flow rates are not affected by pressure fluctuations in the system, no single radiator is able to act as a system bypass. This ensures that one radiator does not deprive differential pressure required elsewhere in the system and that low system temperatures are maintained. In addition, as less water circulates through the heating system the performance of the heating circuit pump is optimised, delivering even further energy savings. Noise issues with the heating system are also eliminated. The PT40 range incorporates right angle and straight angle valve sets with a choice of threaded steel and copper connections and can be supplied with remote sensors, adjusters and tamper-proof options if required. The system can be flushed without needing to demount the valves, thereby facilitating commissioning.

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