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Heat pumps are a key part of the UK’s heat decarbonisation strategy, so careful selection is essential to ensure optimal building performance. Although it is possible to design systems where heat pumps are the sole heat source, a hybrid solution where combinations of heat pump, elec- tric boiler, gas boiler, CHP and waste heat input allow the energy centre to be dynamic and react to future carbon and tariff signals. Coupled with well-sized thermal storage, the system can deliver the lowest cost heat while also achieving its carbon reduction objectives.

Heat Pump product range

In this table you will see all the relevant key data for the heat pump product range:

TypeMonobloc Air Source
ApplicationSmall Commercial / Low RiseCommercial Buildings / Heat Network (Heating & DHW)Sanitary Hot Water
Maximum capacity (kW)144011640
Capacity @-5°C ambient (kW)1433.475.634
Maximum flow temperature (°C)55656080
Refrigerant (GWP)R32 (675)R454 (149)R32 (675)R744 CO2 (1)
Maximum water pressure (bar)1.51065
Electricity Supply400V/50Hz/3-Phase

Key features and benefits

Air-source solutions for heating systems, heat networks and sanitary hot water

Electrified heat source

High efficiency. SCOP typically between 2 and 3

Stable flow temperature, even at low ambient conditions

Modular approach for dynamic loads

Integration with other heat sources to form hybrid energy centres

Heat Pump Graph

Heat pumps in a hybrid energy centre

In a hybrid energy centre, heat pumps are sized to provide the maximum share of energy (kWh) but are not sized to the peak building load (kW) as this is extremely expensive and results in over-sized, under utilised appliances. Hence, cost effective peak capacity should be provided by boilers.

Heat pumps use a vapour refrigeration cycle to generate hot water
by harvesting energy from a lower temperature source. This source is generally air or water, and could be from the ambient air, exhaust air, river water, bore hole, mine water and many others. The input energy is electricity to power compressors and fans if the source is air. Efficiency is the ratio of heat output divided by electricity input, known as COP (Coefficient of Performance).

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