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Where traditional radiator flow rates must be set through manual balancing, radiator valves with a variable Kv (pre-settable) can be set to the correct peak design flow rate. However, despite radiators with pre-settable TRVs being balanced correctly in full load, they will inevitably experience differential pressure variations as other TRVs close (part load). These pressure fluctuations will result in over and underflow, resulting in poor occupant comfort. Pressure independent thermostatic radiator valves (PI-TRVs) incorporate their own integral differential pressure controller (DPCV) ensuring a maximum flow limitation in both part- and full load.

The Pt40 PI-TRV balances the heating system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Maintaining a low return temperature at all loads minimises energy waste, which results in cost-effective heat delivery. Achieving this requires pressure independent flow control that dynamically balances the heating system.

Pt40 PI-TRV Configurator

All our Pt40 Pressure Independent TRV sets are bespoke to the specific building requirements. To help you choose the correct radiator valve set you can use the configurator. 

This will take you methodically through the selection process, with pictures of each component, info buttons to let you know when and what component to choose, as well as an automated product code generator.

Pt40 Configurator Screen

Make sure to choose between Residential or Commercial when getting started, Residential sets are for 15 mm copper pipe and 10 mm PEX pipe connections and Commercial sets are for 15 mm steel barrel pipe connections.

The Pt40 provides a simple solution to efficient heating. Optimal temperature control and automatic hydronic balancing.



Minimise waste, maximise efficiency

From reducing energy waste, improving the efficiency of the heat plant, lowering heating bills and reducing set-up & commissioning time, the Pt40 offers 12-15% energy saving compared with traditional TRVs.

Best practice

Pressure independent

Pressure fluctuations due to varying load conditions require a constant automatic balancing to maintain a comfortable and efficient heating system.


No more no less

With a simple setting scale (1-7), the Pt40 can permanently and relia­bly control the heat delivered to individual rooms.


Fastest reaction time

The RA2000 gas sensor is the fastest reacting TRV available. This results in additional energy savings of 5-8% when compared with liquid-filled thermostatic sensor heads.

Pt40 PI-TRV documents

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