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Traditional integrated pre-settable flow gauges will only provide a static balance across all UFH loops under full load, and with the reduction in building heat demand, will struggle to be practically set below 1 l/m. Designed as an interchangeable modular balancing cartridge for different UFH manifolds, the Ft40 pressure independent insert guarantees accurate flow setting as low as 0.5 l/m, and crucially provides a dynamic balancing to the UFH system during both part and full load.

Ft40 PI-UFH product range

In this table you will see all the relevant key information for the Ft40 product range:

CategoryFt40 PI-UFH Balancing CartridgeFt40 PI-UFH Balancing Cartridge
TypeEmmeti TopwayTaconova Topmeter

To reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and create a comfortable indoor environment; the balancing of underfloor heating systems will need to be improved. With the introduction of the SAV Ft40, the last of the unbalanced systems has been solved. 


Minimizes waste, maximize efficiency

Reduces energy waste, improves the efficiency of the heat plant, lowers heating bills and reduces set-up & commissioning time.

Best practice

Pressure independent

Pressure fluctuations due to varying load conditions require a constant automatic balancing to maintain a comfortable and efficient heating system.


No more no less

With a simple setting scale (1-7), the Ft40 can permanently and relia­bly control the heat delivered to individual rooms.

Settings schedule

No more guessing

Equipped with a clear Ft40 flow setting schedule for each manifold and loop, eliminate user setting variation and error from traditional glass pre-setters.

Ft40 PI-UFH documents

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