Net Zero starts by digitalising building energy usage

EnergiRaven’s purpose is to help commercial and multi-residential property owners with complex portfolios cut energy waste to achieve their Net Zero targets. Our platform, therefore, is designed to help understand, plan, and navigate the optimum route to Net Zero. EnergiRaven achieves this through energy education, energy monitoring and accounting tools, and energy performance reporting.


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Energy monitoring, management & system optimisation

If the UK is to achieve its Net Zero goals, it will not be enough just to decarbonise our energy sources. It is estimated that simple energy efficiency measures can save up to 44% of our CO2 emissions, with a further 36% being delivered by switching to renewable energy generation. It is therefore paramount that we cut our national energy consumption to be able to deliver on this promise.

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Energy Monitoring, Management and System Optimisation

Energy Auditing, Budgeting, and Benchmarking

Building Portfolio Overview

Energy Saving Prioritisation

Total Energy and Carbon Footprint

Energy, Carbon, and ESG Reporting

Call to Action Alarms

Energy use by Scope 1, 2, and 3

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