HIU Leasing: Easing into District Heating

In 2021, Middelfart District Heating began work on converting the towns of Strib, Røgle and Vejlby from gas to district heating.

To make it more attractive and easier for the consumers, the district heating company made it possible to choose a heat concierge scheme. This means that instead of paying a large lump sum, residents have their new district heating unit delivered, installed, and commissioned – paid through a monthly subscription.

This leasing and subscription option has contributed to a dramatic increase in interest and new sign-ups.

Peace of mind for consumers

The high level of interest is primarily due to the availability of the heat concierge scheme. Middelfart District Heating has made a large investment by purchasing the district heating units that are installed – thanks to a cheap green investment loan. This means that the consumers do not pay for the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and installation, but instead can rent it for a low monthly fee of 200 DKK or approximately £22. The scheme also includes a service and maintenance guarantee, where through ongoing monitoring, a technician can provide targeted servicing and maintenance when the need arises.

Read the full case story here.

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