Värmebaronen Electric Boiler

Energi well spent

Värmebaronen electric boilers provide peak capacity and system resilience to support heat pumps in hybrid energy centres. This minimises the capital cost of the heat pump installation and minimises the external footprint required for an air source heat pump installation.

With flow temperatures up to 95°C as standard, electric boilers are ideal for ‘all-electric’ buildings where there is no gas connection. Multiple elements are used to modulate boiler output from the maximum down to a single stage of operation. Electric boilers are also used to balance the electricity grid, by reacting to tariff and carbon signals and quickly turning surplus low-cost renewable power generation into stored hot water.

Key features and benefits

Low carbon heat source

Electrified heat source

Stable flow temperature

Modulating output to match site demand

Integration with other heat sources to form hybrid energy centres

Suitable for new build and retro-fit into existing buildings with a gas supply connection

All-electric energy centres

In an all-electric energy centre, electric boilers provide cost effective peak capacity to support an optimised heat pump installation.

Electric boilers with 7, 15 or 30 operating stages turn down to a single stage of operation and modulate in small increments to top-up the output from heat pumps.

Boiler capacity can be large, but its share of energy should be as small as possible to maintain a low carbon footprint and a low OPEX. Per kW, electric boiler capital expenditure (CAPEX) is a fraction of an equivalent capacity heat pump.

As electric boiler operation is deliberately intermittent or as a stand-by plant, long term safety and reliability are important considerations.

Key statistics

  • Multi-element boilers with multiple stages of operation
  • 25 models: 31 – 1400 kW
  • Large turn-down ratio (modulation down to single stage)
  • Minimises CAPEX (heat pumps not sized to peak capacity)
  • Overcomes heat pump capacity & flow temperature shortfall             
  • Adds system resilience
  • Flow temperature up to 95°C as standard
  • 400V 3-phase boilers. 690V available on some models
  • Packaged PHE option for network pressures over 6 bar

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