FloCon Commissioning Module

Making better use of energi

FloCon modular solutions centralises the control, commissioning, and pre-commission cleaning of terminal branches. This significantly reduces time taken to install, flush and balance the HVAC system. FloCon modules provide a single access point for up to 7 terminal units and ensures security that every terminal will receive the flow conditions necessary for its optimal operation.

FloCon Commissioning Module product range

In this table you will see all the relevant key data for the FloCon product range:

CategoryDPCV ModulePICV Module
TypeDifferential pressure control valvePressure independent control valve

Patented design

SAV started developing Commissioning Modules in 1999 and fully introduced them to the market in 2001, holding a patent for the design. Since then, SAV has been at the forefront in developing well-designed HVAC solutions that contribute to energy savings, simplification of commissioning and optimised performance whilst delivering best user comfort.

BSRIA study concludes

Figures are compared to traditionally designed rigid fan coil systems, you can download the report here: Cost & Time savings using FloCon


faster installation


faster balancing of terminal units


faster flushing of horizontal mains pipework


faster installation & flushing of terminal units

Flexibility, change & churn

Modern buildings seldom retain a fixed usage pattern throughout their lifespan, hence, building services systems need to be as flexible as possible to facilitate these changes. FloCons modular approach allows terminal units to be added, moved, or removed without draining or involving disruptive rigid pipework alterations.

Haka multilayer PEX pipework is stronger, more efficient (less heat loss and pressure drop) and is better for the health of the system as it eliminates oxygen diffusion which leads to corrosion of components.

Billing and ongoing monitoring

Where a HVAC system might be shared by multiple consumers, installing an MID approved ultrasonic meter within each FloCon module provides the necessary granularity of energy consumption for accurate targeted billing. Any unexplained increases in energy consumption can be quickly identified and investigated.

In addition, ongoing accurate delta T and flow rate measurement facilitates troubleshooting, by quickly highlighting outlying low delta T and blockages.

FloCon Commissioning Module documents

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