Reducing heat network costs

Kurve Technologies was established in 2018 and after extensive development, the KURVE web-app was launched.

Traditionally, M-bus has been used as a unidirectional or 1-way meter reading infrastructure. Simply to request data from the energy meters. This data, which is freely available to all key stakeholders, can be used for billing either via email or by post. Exploiting the M-Bus infrastructure and creating a bidirectional or 2-way network creates the possibility of new types of equitable billing.

The KURVE equitable billing web-app gives heat suppliers the ability to remotely switch between Credit as You Go (CAYG) and Pay as You Go (PAYG) depending on their preference, or in response to individual consumer circumstances.

Consumer experience is paramount to the success of heat networks and having on-the-go access helps consumers to engage with their energy consumption.

KURVE helps reduce costs and risk, whilst improving transparency and convenience to residents.

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