Energy Saving Influencer of the Year Award for the UK

Energy Saving Awards 2023

In recognition of their efforts, SAV’s Head of Marketing, Adam Juel Fabricius, has received the Energy Saving Influencer of the Year Award in acknowledgement of the marketing efforts on behalf of SAV’s sister company EnergiRaven.

Launched just over a year ago, EnergiRaven has been unwavering in its commitment to reducing the energy demand of the built environment in preparation for future Heat Network connections. The Heat Highway Campaign is a testament to this dedication, with the ambitious goal of making the concept of Heat Transmission Highways mainstream thinking in the UK.

As EnergiRaven continues to make waves in the renewable energy sector, the company looks forward to expanding its influence and contributing to the transformation of the energy landscape. The Heat Highways Campaign is not only gaining traction but is also helping to shape our future energy systems. Highlighting the importance, and the need for Heat Transmission Highways as a method of delivering low-cost waste heat over distance to local distribution systems such as heat networks.

Energy Saving Awards 2023
Energy Saving Awards 2023

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