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Energy meters are not just for metering and billing, they are the key to con­tinuously safeguarding an energy-efficient scheme. As such, the Kamstrup energy meter solution forms an integral part of the holistic design and functionali­ty of a Heat Network.

Kamstrup have been developing energy meters for Heat Networks since 1959 and this vital knowledge and experience has culminated in the latest version of the Kamstrup meter (MULTICAL®), mak­ing it the market-leading Heat Network energy meter.

Energy Meter product range

In this table you will see all the relevant key data for the Energy Meter product range:

Key Statistics403603
Heat, Cooling and Heat / Cooling meters available.YesYes
MID Class 2YesYes
Heat Output – Condensing (kW)*YesYes
Suitable to work with PAYG devicesYesYes (dual M-Bus allows for back-up datalogger)
Optional dual flow piece solution – Ultrasonic Metering Station (UMS)NoYes
Detachable flow piece and calculatorNoNo
Flow ranges (Q.p. range)”0.6 m3/h – 15 m3/h0.6m3/h – 1000 m3/h

Volume weighted average flow and return temperatures calculated at the meter

Flexible options of communication modules, with the most variety in the market

Internal logger with 20 years, 36 months, 460 days, and 4000 minutes of data

1 minute logger to aid with verification of commissioning

16-year battery life

M-Bus disconnect for valve / PAYG control over the M-Bus network

OMS product certified

Very low minimum cut off limit (3 l/h for a Q.p. 1.5 m3/h meter)

MID Class 2 meter

Kamstrup heat and cooling meters

Kamstrup heat meters are typically included as part of the Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Unit, whereas Kamstrup Cooling Meters will typically be included as part of the indirect Danfoss Cooling Interface Unit or Direct SAV Cooling Monolink.

These can be fitted with different specifications of meters that can cater to all the requirements of a heat network, including different communication protocols such as; M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus, Modbus and many more.

Kamstrup energy meters have many benefits such as; recording registers of Volume Weighted Average Return Temperature (VWART) and Volume Weighted Average Flow Temperature (VWAFT) which enables the analysis of system performance based on their impact on the system.

Distribution and Energy Centres

One of the most significant benefits of energy metering on a Heat Network is understanding the overall scheme performance. This can only be achieved if additional meters are installed within the distribution and energy centres of the Heat Network.

Installing distribution meters (block entry or riser meters) and energy centre meters, allows for performance downstream of the meter to be calculated, through key metrics such as: heat losses, bypass volumes, plant efficiency and load share. These key metrics help you understand how your system is performing and where improvements can be made.

Energy Meter documents

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