SAV Systems – Surrey Super Growth Awards Finalists

SAV Systems, based in Woking, works closely with its technology partners and with consulting engineers to ensure that the right heating and ventilation solution is delivered to national building services projects. Technology partners are chosen for their consistently high quality of product and innovative skills, all with the common denominator of providing low carbon solutions for the challenges of today. SAV participates in the initial project viability and design, and remains involved through the specification of equipment schedules to be there at the installation and commissioning stages. Of vital importance is to ensure every project performs as expected and reflects well on those who specified SAV. Alongside its products there is a highly experienced team of professional staff with the skills and expertise to add value for customers at every stage of the project.

“We believe that high quality products are only part of the equation, it is how they are applied that turns an acceptable project into an exceptional solution.”

Jose de Almeida, General manager SAV

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