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There is a Danish saying that goes as follows; ‘there is nothing so bad that it can’t be good for anything’. COVID-19 is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges that we have had to face, and everyone at SAV has felt its effects. Yet, there has been a noticeably positive outcome from the lockdown and isolation that we are currently living through. We have experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to our newest Trilogy of CPDs on integrating Heat Pumps into Heat Networks. Usually our CPDs are presented to a small group of consulting engineers and involve two of our many qualified staff travelling to location, and spending the day sharing knowledge and practical experiences. Because we love this activity, following the government’s instructions on social distancing meant finding another solution was paramount.

‘The lockdown has created a new normality that is redefining our relationships, communications, and ways we work. We live in the era of IoT where almost everyone is online and to SAV this means we need to keep sharing our knowledge using all means available to us.’ Jan Hansen – SAV Systems

Therefore, SAV introduced the ‘Heat Pump Trilogy’ CPDs to be presented online via Teams, and we can safely say that they have been met with roaring success and positivity from our 1500 attendants! Receiving comments complementing our trilogy for being ‘so well targeted and relevant’, ‘useful and well-pitched’ and ‘enjoyable and informative’ is the best reward to our team’s efforts over the past few weeks.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, it has been a great experience and seeing the response has given us the strength to carry on. During this difficult time, it is important to keep learning and staying on track, and we are so pleased that many of you decided to do that with our CPDs. Expect more to come!

Jan Hansen- SAV Systems




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