HIU Leasing: Easing into District Heating

To make it more attractive and easier for the consumers, the district heating company made it possible to choose a heat concierge scheme. This means that instead of paying a large lump sum, residents have their new district heating unit delivered, installed, and commissioned – paid through a monthly subscription. This leasing and subscription option […]

SAV granted funding for Heat Network training

SAV’s Advanced Service Engineer Scheme has been awarded funding by Nottingham City Council’s Environment and Sustainability Division for the training of Heat Network Engineers on Heat Network fundamentals, including the commissioning, servicing, and the efficient ongoing operation of these networks. This will encourage and develop green skills within the green sector, promoting local green jobs […]

Energy Saving Influencer of the Year Award for the UK

Energy Saving Awards 2023

In recognition of their efforts, SAV’s Head of Marketing, Adam Juel Fabricius, has received the Energy Saving Influencer of the Year Award in acknowledgement of the marketing efforts on behalf of SAV’s sister company EnergiRaven. Launched just over a year ago, EnergiRaven has been unwavering in its commitment to reducing the energy demand of the […]

Halving energy costs by marrying CHPs to Heat Pumps

Despite the war in Ukraine, gas is becoming greener, and properties can even halve their gas consumption by connecting a micro-CHP plant and heat pump from EC POWER, which has been on the market for 30 years.

Introducing EnergiRaven

EnergiRaven was established in the UK by SAV Systems. As a company of Danish heritage, we have instinctively looked towards the experiences of Denmark and its Scandinavian neighbours to introduce low carbon renewable technology solutions to the UK

The Sharing Economy

Using heat networks to share waste heat and store surplus renewable energy will take pressure off the Grid and offe r the UK a cos…

SAV CPDs moved online

There is a Danish saying that goes as follows; ‘there is nothing so bad that it can’t be good for anything’.


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