PI-TRV & PI-RTLV Configurator

Pt40 Configurator

Our new configurators make it easy to select the correct radiator and towel rail valve sets.

Pressure Independent Thermostatic Radiator Valves, or PI-TRVs, are considered the preferred choice for lowering network return temperatures and are also Best Practice in the Heat Network Code of Practice.

PI-TRVs incorporate a flow limitation to make sure that the design flow rate is never exceeded in full load. In addition, they also include a differential pressure controller. This guarantees the required flow rate under part load.

As such, an automatic balancing is achieved in all load conditions. Benefits include a fast and reliable commissioning process, improved efficiency with expected energy savings of up to 15%, and better indoor comfort for occupants.

The Heat Network Code of Practice also recommends gas-filled thermostatic sensor heads as best practice. These ensure fast and accurate response to room temperature changes, lowering energy consumption and improving indoor comfort.

All our Pt40 Pressure Independent TRV sets are bespoke to the specific building requirements and because it can be challenging to determine what radiator components are required, that’s why we’ve designed a configurator tool to help make the selection process easier.

New features include: 

  • Pictures of individual components 
  • Info button to help select the correct component
  • Automatic code generation
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