SAV launch new CHP Management Platform

It’s imperative to continuously monitor the performance of the CHP to ensure that the saving potential is realised. Our new CHP Management platform helps building owners do just this. Our platform provides: An overview of your CHP portfolio for a selected time period including cost and carbon saving compared to a site-specific budget. Lifetime statistics […]

NEW SAV Advanced Service Engineer Training

SAV Test Lab

We’ve launched a NEW SAV Advanced Service Engineer training scheme for Heat Network engineers! The training involves a comprehensive theoretical and practical learning, centred around Heat Networks and more specifically the correct installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of our Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Units (HIUs). Available either on-site or at our state-of-the-art micro heat network […]

PI-TRV & PI-RTLV Configurator

Pt40 Configurator

Our new configurators make it easy to select the correct radiator and towel rail valve sets. Pressure Independent Thermostatic Radiator Valves, or PI-TRVs, are considered the preferred choice for lowering network return temperatures and are also Best Practice in the Heat Network Code of Practice. PI-TRVs incorporate a flow limitation to make sure that the design flow […]

AirMaster’s AMX: A Revolution in Climate Control

AirMaster AMX

AirMaster proudly launches its latest groundbreaking innovation, the AMX – a game-changer in the world of climate control. AMX combines ventilation, heating, and cooling into a single, compact unit which maintains environmental and thermal comfort within a room, whilst supplying fresh air, cooling, and heating efficiently. “…the unique thing about the solution is that we […]

State of the art CO₂ Heat Pumps

Fenagy Heat Pump

CO₂ technology was re-applied in refrigeration applications in the late 1980s, and the technology has evolved significantly since then. This now allows the supply capacity of 600 kW up to 1.8 MW in a single heat pump. In the first 24 months, the company has delivered 38 projects in six countries.   Decarbonization CO₂ heat […]

The Sharing Economy

Using heat networks to share waste heat and store surplus renewable energy will take pressure off the Grid and offe r the UK a cos…

Headmasters  Choose AirMasters

How the indoor environment not only affects our health but  our  cognitive ability. 
Our understanding of the relationship…


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