School Ventilation should be simple

So, why do we overcomplicate it? According to BB101, designers of ventilation for schools need to take account of indoor air quality (pollution, CO₂ levels), thermal comfort (draught, overheating) and noise.

SAV and the changes to BB101 School Ventilation Guidelines

SAV Systems welcomes the changes introduced by the latest edition of BB101, ‘Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools’, noting the improvements to comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ) that will be delivered in a range of school spaces.

SAV adds value with new AirMaster AM 150

The new AirMaster AM 150 Smart Mechanical Ventilation unit (SMV) from SAV Systems has been specially designed to provide efficient, draught-free, demand-controlled ventilation in relatively small spaces such as offices with up to 3-4 occupants.

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