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In partnership with key manufacturers and system specialists, SAV provide renewable technology  and Heat Network expertise for heating, cooling, and ventilation. SAV are fully engaged in the development process to ensure that these solutions suit the specific application and perform as intended. SAV offer design, technical and service support for the entire energy system.

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Decarbonising the UKs Heat

How do we de-carbonise the UKs heat, will it be heat networks or individual heat pumps? The truth is that both are needed to reach Net Zero.

In built up areas, heat networks will be key, while rural homes will have to rely on heat pumps. Studies show up to 50% of buildings in our villages, towns and cities should connect to a heat network, this offers a smoother transition away from polluting gas heating. In fact, a recent study has shown that Heat networks can be up to 30% cheaper than individual heat pumps.

To secure a clean, affordable source of heat for the future, we must invest in and expand these networks now and future-proof heat for good.

Future-Proofing Heat for a Greener Future
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Future-proofing Heat for a Greener Future

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Find all available documentation from SAV here. Download datasheets, specification texts, drawings, design & technical support, case stories, certificates, discussion papers and articles.

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We offer advanced engineer training for Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Units to ensure that Heat Networks perform as intended.

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To guarantee continued professional development and to keep up-to date with new insights into the building services sector SAV can conduct CPDs at your premises, online or at our regional offices. To find out more, click the button below.


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