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SAV works closely with its technology partners and with consulting engineers, to ensure that the right product solution is delivered to each building services project.

We offer to participate with the initial project viability and design, to remain involved through the drawing up of equipment schedules / specifications and to be there at the installation and commissioning stages. We do not walk away after handover. It is important to us that every project performs as expected, and reflects well on those who specified SAV for whatever type of equipment, however small.

Our technology partners have been chosen for their consistently high quality of product and innovative skills. On this website, you will find a wealth of information about SAV and each of its technology partners. They are experts in several different areas of technology, all with the common denominator of providing low carbon solutions for the challenges of today.

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Trusted Technology Partners

"…if all suppliers were as switched on as you it would make my job so much easier, totally agree with every observation that you have made to date"

Alastair Hirst, Mechanical Engineer, Anderson Green Building Services Consultants

I am keen on attending the next CPD covering the 70/40 topic along with flatstations. I have good experience with both SAV HIUs and Load Tracker CHPs and would also be interested to get a few of our engineers involved.

Andy Seary, Watkins Group

They commented on how quiet the (AirMaster) units are when operating, they were on when I was there and you could not hear them. The room temperature was comfortable even with all the PCs operating. On the whole the school (Beech Hill Primary) are more than happy with the units.

Philip Welsh, Contract Manager, Newcastle City Council

Thanks for your product support from start to finish on this project (Four Lanes School, Basingstoke), I hope to work again with yourselves in the near future.

Lee Westbrook, Contracts Manager, Home & Industrial Heating Services

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