SAV’s Danfoss FlatStation 7 Series HIUs reach CIBSE Award finals

SAV Systems’ Danfoss FlatStation 7 Series of heat interface units (HIUs) has won through to the finals of the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2018. The FlatStation 7 Series has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the UK market through a collaborative venture between Danfoss, SAV Systems, UK contractors and other stakeholders. Key features of the new FlatStation 7 Series design include Micro Plate™ heat exchangers, which have been designed to achieve higher heat transfer and lower pressure losses than traditional plate heat exchangers. The fully insulated enclosure ensures that heat losses from the HIU itself, as well as isolation valves and flushing bypass, are minimised.


The performance of FlatStation 7 Series units has been tested to the Building Engineering Services Association’s UK test standard for heat interface units.

FlatStation 7 Series HIUs have been designed to take up less space than traditional HIUs and offer a variety of pipework connection options to maximise siting options and facilitate trouble-free installation.

In addition to their energy saving features, FlatStation 7 Series HIUs reduce environmental impact by reducing scrap in the manufacturing process by 30% and using less energy on brazing, as well as having 24% less expanded polypropylene. All components and the enclosure are made from recyclable materials.

The winners of the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2018 will be announced at a gala dinner at Grosvenor House Park Lane on 6th February 2018.

Further information about FlatStation heat interface units


“With the growing use of heat networks to provide low carbon heating and hot water, well-designed HIUs are essential to provide effective control of heat transfer and operating temperatures. A key consequence of the improved performance of FlatStation 7 Series units is that they ensure the lower return water temperatures that are essential for the efficiency of the new 4th generation of heat networks, while still maintaining optimum consumer comfort levels.”

Silas Flytkjaer

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