SAV to supply smart ventilation for new Edinburgh school

SAV has been awarded a contract to supply 43 AirMaster Smart Ventilation Units for use in the new Queensferry High School in Edinburgh. AirMaster was selected by consulting engineers Ramboll after computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling showed that the alternative solution being considered would not provide adequate draught control in winter temperatures. The new school is being built on the existing school’s playing field and is due to open in Spring 2020. It will provide both pupils and the local community with a wider range of teaching and leisure facilities. The ventilation design was based on the new Building Bulletin 101 ‘Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools’, which at the time was in draft form but has since been ratified. Initially, this design was based on a natural ventilation solution that would mix heated indoor air with incoming fresh air to raise its temperature. However, CFD modelling showed that at -2⁰C outdoor temperature the design would be unable to deliver the level of draught control required by BB101 whilst maintaining acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ).

This led Ramboll and lead contractor Morrison Construction to the AirMaster solution, which provides independent control of temperature and IAQ and therefore controls draughts without compromising air quality. The 43 AirMaster units will be supplied to site around March 2019. AirMaster also meets all other BB101 requirements for ventilation in schools, including demand-controlled ventilation, low operational noise levels, attenuation of outdoor noise, heat recovery and filtration of both incoming and outgoing air.

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