SAV LoadTracker takes CHP to the Next Level

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a tried and tested low carbon technology that can make a significant contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions from heating and power generation. However, ‘traditional’ CHP has gained a reputation for inflexibility, as units are designed to work primarily at full output. By shutting down when the site is at part load, traditional units impose constraints on the environmental benefits that can be secured. The inflexibility of traditional CHP designs has tended to impose constraints on the environmental benefits that can be achieved.

On the other hand, SAV Systems’ LoadTracker CHP has been specifically designed to deliver maximum flexibility through its modular configuration (i.e. by using a ‘building block’ approach to meeting load requirements) and the ability of each unit to modulate down to 40% of its full electrical output.

CHP Units modular configuration for a range of applications

Just as modular boilers have largely replaced single large boilers so as to provide greater flexibility, the modular configuration of LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power has similar operational advantages.

Unlike traditional Combined Heat and Power Systems, LoadTracker is dynamic and can modulate its electrical output instantaneously (in response to changing demand) down to 40% of full power. As a result, LoadTracker CHP contributes site-generated electricity in the most effective way, helping to maximise savings in terms of energy and cost.

Cogeneration for an increasing range of applications

SAV Systems’ LoadTracker CHP Units and can be offered in clusters of up to 5 Cogeneration units, giving a total output ranging from 15-100 kW(e) to 30-200 kW(th). They have been used in projects which include:




“The stone age did not end because of a lack of stones. The fossil fuel age may as well end before a lack of fossil fuels.”

Bjarne Bogner, CEO EC Power

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