SAV launches Mini LoadTracker CHP units

SAV Systems has introduced two new Mini LoadTracker models to its modular range of modulating CHP units, bringing the benefits of combined heat and power to smaller buildings. The new Mini LoadTracker units are the XRGI 6 (6kWe/13.5kWth) and the XRGI 9 (9kWe/20kWth), which are ideal for use in smaller care homes, residential blocks, fire stations, schools, health centres and larger private residences.
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In addition to the Mini LoadTracker units, SAV’s portfolio also includes units with 15kW(e) / 30kW(th) and 20 kW(e) / 40kW(th) output.

The introduction of the new units, combined with the ability to combine up to five units, enables SAV’s LoadTracker range to span outputs from 6kWe/13.5kWth to 100kWe/200kWth.

All LoadTracker units are able to track site demand and modulate their output down to 40% of maximum output, providing a versatile solution for applications with variable loads. They are designed to match site electrical load, ensuring that the electricity generated never exceeds demand. A patented heat distributor maintains a constant flow temperature, so that LoadTracker units always produce high-grade heat that can be used on site without ‘topping up’ from boilers, thereby optimising CHP operating times.

LoadTracker units are powered by a Toyota gas engine that combines high reliability with low maintenance requirements. All LoadTracker CHP units are supplied with a thermal storage vessel that stores surplus heat at 80-85°C.

If you would like some further information about Mini LoadTracker units please contact us either by phone (01483 771910) or e-mail


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