SAV Kamstrup M-Bus Master Multiport 250 D/L Metering Gateway

To serve meters fitted with an M-Bus interface, with application in systems for heating, cooling, mains water, electricity and gas. Conforms to EN 13757-2 and -3. Protected to IP67. (Can also work with non-Kamstrup meters). Harvested data needs to be fed to an associated local PC. 

Provides the power supply to meter M-Bus modules. Export connections from the M-Bus Master can use RS-232, RS-485, USB, GSM/GPRS / optical read-out head to a remote PC. Signal compatibility is secured by an integral level converter. 

Each M-Bus Master supports up to 250 energy meters. If used in cascade with M-Bus Master repeaters, up to 1,250 energy meters can be served. 

Data harvested from meters is processed in the associated PC by a reading programme (see READy below). (nb, the Kamstrup M-Bus Master is not provided with memory).

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