SAV continues to promote low carbon education

As part of its ongoing low carbon education programme, SAV Systems recently organised a trip to Denmark for consulting engineers, contractors and developers. The itinerary included visits to Danfoss, EC Power and Airmaster, where participants were able to view production and testing facilities, as well as engaging in CPD seminars. Highlights of the low carbon education event included witnessing quality control testing of Danfoss FlatStations, LoadTracker CHP units and AirMaster mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units. Seminar subjects covered lean heat network design, optimised heat and power and provision of direct, draught-free demand controlled ventilation.


“These low carbon education events are proving very beneficial in helping people understand how the innovations developed by these companies can be applied to their own projects. They also enable meaningful discussion about how such low carbon systems can be adapted and optimised for the UK, an approach that has been pioneered by SAV Systems.”

Jan Hansen, Director SAV

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