SAV adds value with new AirMaster AM 150

The new AirMaster AM 150 Smart Mechanical Ventilation unit (SMV) from SAV Systems has been specially designed to provide efficient, draught-free, demand-controlled ventilation in relatively small spaces such as offices with up to 3-4 occupants. The units are also fitted with adjustable inlet louvres to accommodate the room layout.


The AirMaster AM 150 features contemporary styling, facilitated by the ability to combine the ventilation unit and cooling module in a single unit and the option to recess the unit into the ceiling void by up to 147mm. The all-in-one fitting comprises a wall and ceiling frame combination to make correct fitting very straightforward.

The AirMaster AM 150 also shares the popular features of other AirMaster models, including very low noise levels (even when the optional cooling module is operating). It can deliver 147m³/hr at 100% throughput or up to 215m³/hr in boost mode, thus accommodating up to 4 adults easily. Comfort heating can be provided by an optional electric heating surface.

To prevent either the CO₂ or PIR sensor being tampered with, both devices have been incorporated within the ventilation unit. Whilst the CO₂ sensor is positioned within the air return pathway, the PIR sensor is fitted behind the inlet grille.

The AirMaster AM 150 is available with a number of control and monitoring options, including the new Airlinq Online systems that enables remote access via a web browser on any device.

The AirMaster AM 150 replaces the AM100 unit and is available at the same list price, delivering even better value for money.

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