Responsive CHP systems that maximise run times to optimise generation of both heat and electrical power, minimise carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and support compliance with Building Regulations.

SAV LoadTracker combined heat and power (CHP) units are designed to address the key issues that constrain the performance and viability of conventional ‘fixed output’ CHP, thereby supporting system design in line with best practice. Because of LoadTracker’s optimisation capabilities, it can be heat or power led and can be configured with other ‘renewable’ sources such as heat pumps to provide a complete system design incorporating low carbon technologies.

Optimising the delta T and providing a low return temperature also supports requirements to limit heat losses from pipework and across the heating and hot water system.

The Building Regulations 2013 – relating to dwellings and non-dwellings – state that: “Before construction of a new building starts the person who is to carry out the work must analyse and take into account the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of using high-efficiency alternative systems …”

The ‘energy-efficient alternatives’ listed in the Building Regulations include cogeneration and district heating. SAV LoadTracker CHP units underpin the feasibility of CHP for such projects through the following performance characteristics:

Maximising run-times

The benefits of old style fixed output CHPs are severely constrained by their limited ability to respond to variable demand, thus shortening run-times.

In contrast, LoadTracker units continually track electrical demand and modulate their output accordingly so the CHP runs for longer and dependence on expensive mains electricity is minimised.

To further optimise CHP operating times any surplus heat is stored in our Storemaster thermal store. Storemaster stores are equipped with internal diffusers to maintain stratification between (high) flow and (low) return water temperature, thus maximising the storage capacity in an efficient way.

Maintaining constant flow temperatures

LoadTracker CHP units also incorporate a patented heat distributor that maintains a constant flow temperature irrespective of return water temperature, corresponding to the design flow temperature.

The result is high grade heat at 80 degrees C flow with minimum use of back-up boilers, while supporting compliance with CIBSE AM12/2013 Combined Heat and Power for Buildings.

Consequently, LoadTracker CHP delivers the following key benefits:

  • Optimised heat and power to match site requirements
  • Freedom from the constraints imposed by conventional fixed-output CHP.
  • Run times are maximised by modulating in line with electrical demand.
  • Constant flow temperatures and high grade heat at all times.
  • Highly responsive hot water supply for space heating and DHW.
  • Energy savings are optimised.
  • Carbon emissions are minimised.
  • Optimum design/specification facilitated by cascade (modular) functionality.
  • Use of back-up boiler plant minimised.

Find out more about how SAV’s CHP Group can help with Building Regulations compliance

SAV LoadTracker CHP units are available in capacities from 6 kWe/12.2 kWth to 20 kWe/38.7 kWth. They can be used in  modular configurations of up to 5 units to provide a total range of 6-100 kW(e) and 12.2 – 193.5 kW(th).

CHP 70-40 primary flow

High Load (100%)
​Heat Source 1, 2, 3 & 4

Low Load (20%) Heat Source CHP

Low Load (20%)
Heat Source 1 Only

chp medium load 70% 70-40

Medium Load (70%)
Heat Source 1, 2 & 3 Only

chp medium load 40% 70-40-animate

Medium Load (40%)
Heat Source 1 & 2 Only

Want to get some specifics about CHP for your project?

To find out more about LoadTracker CHP, please contact us using the details below or by using the Contact Us page. You can download the Design Guide and Brochure using the form below to help you identify whether Cogeneration (CHP) would be suitable for your project. We can also provide a sample combined heat and power assessment for any of the main project types. Where load data is available for a particular project, we would be happy to carry out a site-specific CHP assessment. And all free of charge!

Please contact SAV Systems now, either:

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CHP Service XRGI 6G

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CHP Service XRGI 13 15G

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XRGI 13G / 15G

CHP Service XRGI 20G

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CHP Service Gas Safe

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XRGI 6G - 20G Warranty Service & Premium Service Agreement

Warranty Service &
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Design Guides / Datasheets

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CHP Design GuideLoadTracker Design Guide (PDF)

LoadTracker CHP
Design Guide

Delta T Design Guide

Delta T
Design Guide

XRGI 6 Technical Data


Loadtracker XRGI 9 Datasheet


Loadtracker XRGI 15 Datasheet


Loadtracker XRGI 20 Datasheet


CHP XRGI Hydraulic Solutions Datasheet

Hydraulic Solutions

Loadtracker Q20/Q80 Datasheet

Q20/Q80 Heat Distributor

CHP Thermal Store Management

Technical Bulletin
CHP Thermal Store Management

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