LoadTracker XRGI 15G CHP

High efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) unit with maximum rating of 15kW(e) / 30 kW(th). Can modulate down to 50% load, = 7.5kW(e) / 20 kW(th). 

Offered with 4 main components:

  • Power unit, comprising gas-fired engine and generator. 
  • Heat distributor assembly, for ease of interfacing with building heating systems. 
  • Control panel, for matching of generated output with electrical demand. 
  • Thermal storage vessel, for absorbing thermal mismatch between supply and demand.

Matching capability produces long running times. Anticipated service life = 50,000 hours. Design stage support offered with assessments of CHP potential, commissioning and help with G99 applications also included. 

For more information visit our CHP download area or contact one of our colleagues for project-specific guidance.

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