Hep 20 piping & fittings

Hep20 is a leading brand of plastic (polybutylene) pipe used for a wide range of plumbing connections. It can be used with hot and cold potable water systems, as well as for those serving radiators and underfloor heating. Connections are made using push fittings, which are reliable and simple to make. 

A key benefit of Hep20 is its flexibility, making it easier to install when compared to traditional copper pipework systems. 

Hep2o is offered in 2 different types: Standard Piping (as recommended for potable water systems), where low levels of oxygen diffusion through pipe walls are tolerable. Alternatively, Barrier Pipe (as used for heating systems), contains an inner layer of ethylene vinyl which prevents any migration of oxygen through the walls. 

Hep20 pipework is smooth bore and expands slightly when heated, helping installations to remain free of lime scale in hard water areas. The ability to expand also provides protection against rupture when pipes thaw after freezing. Hep20 systems tend to be quieter than traditional copper systems, as large radius bends minimise turbulence and the effects of water hammer are dissipated effectively.

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