Halving energy costs by marrying CHPs to Heat Pumps

Despite the war in Ukraine, gas is becoming greener, and properties can even halve their gas consumption by connecting a micro-CHP plant and heat pump from EC POWER, which has been on the market for 30 years.

Hep 20 piping & fittings

Hep20 is a leading brand of plastic (polybutylene) pipe used for a wide range of plumbing connections. It can be used with hot and cold potable water systems, as well as for those serving radiators and underfloor heating. Connections are made using push fittings, which are reliable and simple to make.  A key benefit of […]

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC is the collective term for heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems that maintain comfortable temperatures and indoor air quality in a building.  The design of any HVAC system has a significant impact on the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the associated building. There are many configurations of HVAC systems, ranging from separate arrangements […]

Heat Pump

First of all, a heat pump does not generate heat. It transfers heat from a source at lower temperature to a user centre at higher temperature. All heat pumps are driven by electricity.  Sources of heat can either be air, water or ground. Heat pumps work by refrigerant circulating in a closed loop, under the […]

Heat Networks – Definition

Heat Networks distribute hot water from a centralised source through a looped system of insulated pipes.  Users access their energy via individual heat exchangers, serving space heating and / or hot water needs. Heat can be provided by dedicated plant (such as boilers, heat pumps or CHP) or by processes having surplus heat. Networks can […]

Heat Exchanger

The majority of AirMaster units contain one or more aluminium heat exchangers, which enable AirMasters to recover heat from the room air, therefore cutting energy consumption when compared to a natural ventilation solution.  Aluminium has been chosen for its high conductivity (237 W/m K) compared to other materials commonly seen in heat exchangers, such a […]

How to: Sector Coupling

Last week SAV visited GREENLAB in Skive, Denmark – a circular energy park for local industry…

Heat Interface Units and Cooling Interface Units

Heat Interface Units and Cooling Interface Units Tried & Trusted The most important design objective for a 4G Heat Network (HN) is to consistently achieve low return temperatures under all operating conditions. Achieving consistently low return temperatures requires a complex interaction of several technologies: Control Valves Differential pressure control Temperature control Heat transfer Best Practice […]


Working together to create good energy Our Products In partnership with key manufacturers and system specialists, SAV provide low carbon and energy efficient solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilation. SAV are fully engaged in the development process to ensure that these solutions suit the specific application and perform as intended. SAV offer design, technical and […]

Headmasters  Choose AirMasters

How the indoor environment not only affects our health but  our  cognitive ability. 
Our understanding of the relationship…

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