CIM ball valves

CIM A Series ball valves with extended spindles reduce energy wastage by precise control of flows, which includes quick shut-off. The engineering of these valves is robust, ensuring all benefits are maintained throughout their long service life. 

CIM A Series valves are unusual in being made from a solid ball, which eliminates any issues of distortion. They are designed to include a high blind angle, which means that there is plenty of turn in reserve once the point of closure has been passed. Both these features are significant in maintaining 100% shut-off. 

Nylon wrap handles act as an insulator as well as facilitating a firm grip. The valves can be supplied with easy-to-fit insulation boxes, tailored to wrap around the valve body. This guarantees a reliable level of insulation around each valve, saving time on site fitting insulation to non-straight contours. 

CIM A Series ball valves are available in diameters from ½ ” (12mm) to 2 ” (50 mm).

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