AirMaster’s AMX: A Revolution in Climate Control

AirMaster AMX

AirMaster proudly launches its latest groundbreaking innovation, the AMX – a game-changer in the world of climate control.

AMX combines ventilation, heating, and cooling into a single, compact unit which maintains environmental and thermal comfort within a room, whilst supplying fresh air, cooling, and heating efficiently.

“…the unique thing about the solution is that we have made it virtually silent. That’s technologically groundbreaking. No one else has done this before us” says Lasse Mikkelsen, AirMaster.

AirMaster’s engineers have masterfully eliminated noise from the compressor, making it an ideal solution for indoor environments, such as meeting rooms, and office environments without adding to the ambient noise levels.

“As AirMaster’s UK technology partner, we’re excited to witness the future of integrated climate control. AMX is a testament to innovation and sustainability, and we invite you to experience this revolutionary solution for yourself.”  Jonathon Hunter Hill, SAV Systems.

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