UK engineers attend SAV’s low carbon event in Denmark

10 engineers from seven UK-based consultancies recently attended a Low Carbon Workshop and CPD seminar in Denmark, hosted by SAV. Its primary purpose was to understand how the 1970s oil crisis incentivised Denmark to focus on low cost, low carbon energy and healthier indoor environments.

A major focus of the event was optimal design of heat networks to maximise energy efficiency and minimise energy costs. This was clearly illustrated by the town of Korskaerparken, where all 1,800 homes are connected to a heat network served by combined heat and power (CHP), surplus heat from local industry and waste incineration. Each home is fitted with Danfoss FlatStation heat interface units and Kamstrup meters to ensure residents pay fairly for the energy they use.

As well as attending the seminar & workshop, delegates visited major manufacturers that have invested heavily in low carbon technologies and those that help to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). These included Danfoss/Gemina Termix, CHP manufacturer EC PowerKamstrup and manufacturer of smart decentralised ventilation units, Airmaster.

Feedback from delegates was very positive, with many noting that the visit and seminar had reinforced the importance of system design and would help to inform their design decisions in the future.

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