SAV Kamstrup Multical 403 Energy Meter

Ultrasonic energy meter to fit in DN15 – DN50 hot or cold water pipework. Can be fitted in either supply or return pipework. Designed for nominal flow range between 0.6 – 15 m³/h. Approved to EN 1434 and MID Class 2. 

Consists of a calculator and ultrasonic flow sensor assembly, supplied with matched Pt 500 or Pt 1000 temperature sensors in stainless steel pockets. Return probe supplied embedded in the flow sensor, the matching probe supplied loose. 

Calculator display to 8 significant digits. Can compute and display consumption readings for accumulated heating / cooling energy, water usage, operating hours, real-time flow, real-time temperature, real-time power and COP for heat pumps / boilers. Measurement units are selectable, such as energy in kWh, MWh or GJ. 

The Multical 403 has room for just one M-Bus interface. This can serve either wired / wireless M-Bus networks, including Thermal Disconnect (see below). Open protocol throughout. 

Options for power supply are either by battery (standard supply) or mains (alternative source), which remain interchangeable at any time.

Integral transformer (230v / 24v) can provide the actuation signal to solenoid-operated shut-off valve (see Thermal Disconnect, for revenue protection).

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