PI-TRV & PI-RTLV Configurator

Pt40 Configurator

Our new configurators make it easy to select the correct radiator and towel rail valve sets. Pressure Independent Thermostatic Radiator Valves, or PI-TRVs, are considered the preferred choice for lowering network return temperatures and are also Best Practice in the Heat Network Code of Practice. PI-TRVs incorporate a flow limitation to make sure that the design flow […]


Pt40 PI-TRV Creating free energy Where traditional radiator flow rates must be set through manual balancing, radiator valves with a variable Kv (pre-settable) can be set to the correct peak design flow rate. However, despite radiators with pre-settable TRVs being balanced correctly in full load, they will inevitably experience differential pressure variations as other TRVs […]

Pt 40 – Pressure independent, thermostatic radiator valve

DN 15 radiator inlet valve for 2-pipe systems. Designed for combined actuation and pressure-independent flow control. 10 bar maximum working pressure, locking & limiting features, option for angled or straight-through configuration.  Supplied with gas-filled actuator (for sensing air temperature) and lock-shield valve for radiator outlet. Capillary connection offered where valve location must be separate from […]

Prosumer Buildings

The proliferation of renewable sources of energy has meant that many buildings are now able in a position to consume some (if not all) of the energy they themselves produce. They can therefore be termed “prosumer” buildings. Energy production could be by PV cells, solar panels, wind turbine or CHP.  From an energy perspective, this […]

Product training – Heat Interface Units

SAV offer a ½ day practical training session for those involved with the installation and commissioning of Danfoss HIUs. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop, mostly conducted in the test lab area of our Woking offices. This has fully connected working versions of 3 different types of HIU. The session objectives are that on completion, each person attending:

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy SAV Systems UK Limited Last updated on 24th of May 2018. Please read the following information carefully to understand SAV Systems’ practices regarding your personal information. SAV Systems UK Limited (“SAV Systems”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is an established provider of energy efficient heating and ventilation solutions in the low carbon sector. We […]


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