AirMaster’s AMX: A Revolution in Climate Control

AirMaster AMX

AirMaster proudly launches its latest groundbreaking innovation, the AMX – a game-changer in the world of climate control. AMX combines ventilation, heating, and cooling into a single, compact unit which maintains environmental and thermal comfort within a room, whilst supplying fresh air, cooling, and heating efficiently. “…the unique thing about the solution is that we […]

Ambient Loop

An ambient loop is essentially a communal low temperature heat network. It requires a centralized energy source, with heat being circulated via flow and return primary pipework at temperatures of say, 25˚ / 15˚ C. At each apartment / office, individual heat pumps are used to transfer the heat from the loop for hot water […]

Alupex flexible pipe (Alupex)

Alupex flexible piping systems enable faster and more reliable installation with no requirement for elbows or bends. Connections are made with Pressfit fittings, saving even more time.  Alupex is a composite of plastic (cross-linked polyethylene) and aluminium piping, that is ideal for a wide range of hot and cold water applications. SAV Alupex systems are […]

Airlinq Viva

The Airlinq Viva (white) is the simpler version of the control panel. It features a fan speed controller and two buttons for resetting service alarms and enabling holiday mode. We recommend that this be used in most classrooms to give teachers control of the equipment.

Airlinq Orbit

The Airlinq Orbit (black) features a touch screen interface from which users can control the fan speed of the units, monitor CO₂ levels, and view any alarms. From within the menu of the Airlinq Orbit, users can set some parameters such as timing programs, temperature set points, CO₂ set points etc. The Airlinq Orbit can […]

Airlinq Online

Using an Airlinq Online ethernet module, it is possible to view and modify the working parameters of the units in a building. This is an Internet of Things technology platform.  Whilst all users can view the operational status of the units, different access levels are available for different users. For example, a consultant could be […]

Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Air handling units (AHUs) are used to supply and circulate air around a building, or to extract stale air as part of a building’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  Essentially, an Air Handling Unit system comprises a large insulated metal box that contains a fan, heating and/or cooling elements, filters, sound attenuators and […]

Absorption chillers

Absorption chillers use heat energy to generate chilled water that can be used for air conditioning or process cooling applications. They are often used in conjunction with combined heat and power (CHP) making use of the surplus heat from CHP engines in summer to provide cooling.  An absorption chiller consists of a generator, a condenser, […]


AirMaster Achieving Net Zero Classrooms with Minimum Energy Waste To achieve Net Zero in schools, we need to minimise heat loss, reducing heat plant and fossil fuel consumption. AirMasters can recover up to 90% of the classrooms heat and have a low specific fan power, making them the ideal holistic choice for Net Zero classrooms. […]


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