Airlinq Online

Using an Airlinq Online ethernet module, it is possible to view and modify the working parameters of the units in a building. This is an Internet of Things technology platform. 

Whilst all users can view the operational status of the units, different access levels are available for different users. For example, a consultant could be able to view all parameters of the units and download log data, but not have any permissions to affect the units. The facilities manager could have the same permissions but with the addition of being able to affect parameters that would be accessible on an Airlinq Orbit control panel, such as timers, alarm reset, and setpoints. Furthermore, alarms on units could be read online enabling easy coordination of servicing and maintenance work. 

In an Airlinq BMS group, only the first master unit needs to contain an Airlinq Online module. If the units are standalone, then each unit would require the module and therefore using Airlinq Online in conjunction with Airlinq BMS is strongly recommended. The master unit containing the module should be connected to the building’s ethernet network and the appropriate port opened in the firewall. 

Log data for units is available from the day that the units come online assuming an uninterrupted data connection. 

Further details are available on pages 88-89 of the Technical Data Brochure.

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