Danfoss FlatStations selected for South London regeneration project

SAV’s LoadTracker CHP units and Danfoss FlatStation heat interface units have been specified by consulting engineers XCO2 Energy for use in the ‘Aylesbury Site 7’ development, part of a phased regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate in the London Borough of Southwark.

FlatStation units will be installed in 162 apartments served from a central energy centre housing the two LoadTracker XRGi 20 modulating CHP units. With 2,700 homes, Aylesbury Estate is one of the largest public housing estates in Europe and is undergoing a phased regeneration. The ‘Site 7’ project in the north east corner of the estate – which will be known as Harvard Gardens when completed – will create two new urban blocks surrounded by apartments and terraces of houses. Sustainability is an important element of the Aylesbury Estate masterplan and the LoadTracker units will play a key role in this, serving a district heating network while also generating low carbon electricity. The ability of the LoadTrackers to track electrical demand and modulate accordingly will ensure maximum run-times for the CHP to optimise efficiency. In parallel, as well as ensuring consistency of heating and hot water supply for residents, the FlatStations will further underpin central plant efficiency by maintaining low return water temperatures. SAV LoadTracker and FlatStation products were selected for the Site 7 project on the basis of previous experience that proved their performance and reliability.

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