Danfoss FlatStations in action – West Bridge Mill Social Housing

Activities Danfoss FlatStations in action – West Bridge Mill Social Housing February 24, 2012 West Bridge Mill in Kirkcaldy is an award-winning social housing facility operated by Link Group Housing Association. The former rope mill has been converted into 16 separate flats, all of which are served by SAV LoadTracker mini-CHP. Each of the apartments is fitted with a FlatStation to provide efficient heating as well as instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) when it’s needed, without the need for hot water storage within the apartment. As hot water is only generated when it’s needed, combined with the pre-insulation of the FlatStations, there are no standing heat losses and overall efficiency is greatly improved.

The FlatStations also ensure low return temperatures to the SAV LoadTracker CHP to maximise the efficiency of heat production in the plant room.

This combination of CHP and FlatStations has helped to reduce energy bills for tenants by nearly 70%, as well as ensuring they have heat and hot water when they need it. The SAV system also features integrated energy meters and a datalogger for monitoring of energy consumption by each apartment.



“For the people living in the flats it’s controllable. It’s instant heat, it lasts all day and if they’re cold they just turn it up a little bit.”

Colin Reed, Energy and Sustainability Officer at Link Group Housing Association

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