Substation Heat Interface Units

SubStation HIUs are pre-engineered, factory-assembled heat exchange package plants used predominantly in district heating networks. They are designed to deal with large flows, such as those associated with whole blocks of apartments.  Each assembly is mounted on a robust frame, which simplifies handling arrangements at site. The layout of components makes them easily accessible for maintenance […]

Specific Fan Power (SFP)

The Specific Fan Power (SFP) of a fan driven system is a measure of the efficiency at the duty point by which it can move a unit volume of air. It is not a constant, but varies with air flow and system pressure differential. Specifications for air handling equipment often stipulate an allowable limit for […]

SAV USB Reader

A software programme for the wireless reading of any Kamstrup meter fitted with a radio module.  [Sequence as follows: 1) List meter addresses on the PC Base, 2) Transfer list to the USB Reader, 3) Connect USB Reader to power pack (supplied separately), 4) Reading of all listed meters is then completed automatically, 5) Move […]

SAV READy Manager

A downloadable software programme for installation on a PC or laptop. It collects reading data from energy and water meters automatically by importing from the Kamstrup M-Bus Master.  In turn, the READy programme can then export to the customer’s information / billing facility.

SAV READy Converter

A hand-held device for ‘drive by’ data collection, from smart energy & water meters equipped with wireless M-Bus communication. Can receive data at a rate of up to 30 energy meters per second.  Can hold data from up to 15,000 meters. Onward transmission is to smartphone or tablet for interim storage.

SAV Monolinks

Monolinks are assemblies for placing next to fan coil and also air handling units. They are ‘H’ shaped, provided with isolators, strainer, flow measurement points and drain. There are selectable pathways for flushing, including full-bore bypass.  For constant volume systems, balancing is achieved using a commissioning set in the flow leg. With variable volume systems, a […]

SAV Moehlenhoff Actuators and Room Thermostats

Modulating valve actuators for HVAC applications. Stem actuation by thermoelectric piston, with opposing movement by return spring.  Actuators can be supplied either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO). ‘First open’ function assists with commissioning flush, even with wiring incomplete.  Options include 24v, 120v and 230v versions.  A range of snap-on collars means that Moehlenhoff […]

SAV Kamstrup Wired Optical read-out head

For use with M-Bus Master and Multical 403 & 603 energy meters. To translate images into digital information usable by a PC. Connection made via USB or D-Sub connector. No power supply required.

SAV Kamstrup Ultraflow 54 : DN 150-300

Ultrasonic flow sensor for heating systems, compatible with Multical 603 calculator. Rated for nominal flows of 150-1,000 m³/h. Approved to MID Class 2.  Supplied with matched Pt 500 or Pt 1000 temperature sensors in stainless steel pockets. Return probe supplied embedded in the flow sensor, the matching probe supplied loose.

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