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Find an Engineer Near me Find an Engineer Near me For help with the maintenance, service or repair of your Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Unit (HIU). Tier 1 Company – All engineers trained by SAV – All engineers attended and passed the SAV Advanced Engineering Training course – All engineers issued an “Advanced Service Engineer” […]

FlatStation (HIU) Documents

FlatStation (HIU) Documents Heat Interface Unit documents Please find relevant links for further reading below, or visit our downloads page. HIU document packs contain a commissioning guide, O&M manual and space heating calculator for specific HIU models. Have a question? Contact Us If you would like to talk to us directly, please call or send […]

Fenagy Large-scale Heat Pump

Fenagy Large-scale Heat Pump State of the Art Many lessons have been learned from the application of CO₂ heat pumps in large-scale district heating schemes. The Danish District Heating sector has continually been evolving, paving the way for the integration of efficient electrically driven heat pumps. Typically, 70°C flow and 40°C return temperatures are used. […]


Ft40 PI-UFH Creating free energy Traditional integrated pre-settable flow gauges will only provide a static balance across all UFH loops under full load, and with the reduction in building heat demand, will struggle to be practically set below 1 l/m. Designed as an interchangeable modular balancing cartridge for different UFH manifolds, the Ft40 pressure independent insert […]

Full Bore Bypass

In SAV FloCon commissioning modules, fast and effective flushing is facilitated by provision of a bypass between the flow and return manifolds, with a bore not less than the internal diameter of the manifolds themselves. This promotes the effective flushing of internal debris introduced to the system during construction, and reduces time spent subsequently in […]

Fuel Poverty

The 3 key factors impacting on fuel poverty are the energy efficiency of the property, the cost of energy and the income of the household. A significant example of property to fall into this category is social housing equipped with electric heating. The result in such schemes is that those who can least afford it […]

FloCon Commissioning Modules

Flocon HVAC Commissioning Modules act as distribution hubs to clusters of terminal units. Each module can accommodate up to 7 terminal units for either heating or cooling circuits. They have been used successfully with groups of fan coil units, air handling units, chilled beams and trench heaters. Commissioning module projects have included office fit-outs, hospital […]

FlatStation HIU

FlatStation HIUs (Heat Interface Units) are located at the interfaces between a communal heating system and each individual user. Hot water is generated in a centralized plant room using high efficiency heat generators such as combined heat and power (CHP), and is then circulated through flow and return mains. At each dwelling interface, an HIU […]

Filtra CIM valve

Each FiltraCIM valve consists of a shut-off valve and integral strainer. This design greatly simplifies flushing and commissioning operations.  The fine-mesh strainer removes system debris. Access is easily gained by first closing the associated shut-off valve and then unscrewing the end plug of the strainer casing.  FiltraCIM valves are well suited to provide protection for […]

Fan Power

Fan power is required to move air both through ventilation equipment and to distribute the air within a room. The measure of this is specific fan power (SFP). In comparison to natural or hybrid ventilation systems, mechanical systems typically have higher SFP requirements. This is because the air in a mechanical unit must be pushed […]


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