Danfoss Cooling Interface Units (CIU)

Danfoss Cooling Interface Unit (CIU) Tried. Tested. Trusted Danfoss Cooling Interface Units are suitable for small one bed apartments up to major commercial applications that require a hydraulic break. For direct cooling systems (no hydraulic break), the SAV Monolink is used to allow for flushing, flow limiting, energy measurement and credit management and billing if […]

Danfoss Flatstation

Danfoss Flatstation (HIU) Tried. Tested. Trusted Teknologi Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Units are suitable for small one bedroom apartments up to major commercial applications. Please contact us for design, sizing and selection. Heat Interface Unit product range In this table you will see all the relevant key data for the HIU product range: Category 1 […]

Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Domestic hot water (DHW) refers to the hot water used in sinks, showers and baths in any type of building (not just domestic dwellings). It is supplied on circuits separate from the hot water used for heating, although water for both purposes is often generated by the same system. Unlike water in heating systems, DHW […]

District Heating

District heating or community heating is the use of a centralised heat source, often housed in an ‘energy centre’, to provide heating to a number of buildings. Heat sources may include boilers, combined heat and power (CHP), heat pumps and solar thermal systems.  The types of development that are suitable for district heating systems include […]

Differential Pressure Control Valve (DPCV)

In variable flow circuits, Differential Pressure Control Valves (DPCV) are used to maintain a constant pressure differential across a sub-branch. This protects downstream control valves from having to operate with excessive pressure differences and neutralises the effects of system pressure variations.  A DPCV contains a spring-loaded piston and a diaphragm that separates the upper / […]

Demand Controlled Ventilation

Demand controlled ventilation is the automatic linking of fan speed with one of the indicators of indoor air quality (IAQ), such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or humidity.  In this way, good IAQ can be maintained during occupied times with the least energy consumption by fans.  For classroom ventilation, demand control is often arranged using a […]


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Dynamic Energy Centres

Dynamic Energy Centres Trusted Systems Partner SAV are happy to help with guidance on the best product or solution for the specific project requirements. As well as offering sizing and design support, helping to make sure that the most effective design is achieved. If you have any questions, just send us your request and we […]

Dynamic Energy Centres

Dynamic Energy Centres Creating good energy Intelligent plantrooms contain multiple heat production appliances, often connected to more than one fuel source, such as gas and electricity. Typical examples would be gas CHP, gas & electric boilers, electric heat pumps and connections to waste heat sources. Hybrid Energy Centres react to the prevailing conditions such as […]


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