Underfoor Heating manifolds

An underfloor heating (UFH) manifold is a compact multiport arrangement, which usually includes a series of thermostatically controlled 2-port valves, temperature gauges, a mixing valve and circulation pump.  Balancing between circuits is achieved using valves placed on the manifold return connections. A mixing valve introduces cold supply as necessary to the hot flow water as […]

Underfloor Heating systems (UFH)

An underfloor heating (UFH) system is made up of a number of parallel underfloor heating circuits, which can be balanced to achieve an even heat distribution across a floor. The underfloor heating circuits can be zoned where necessary so as to serve more than one floor space.  Each underfloor heating circuit comprises a loop of […]


UMS-54 Taking data further Adding an ultrasonic metering station (UMS-54) on the space heating circuit connected to the energy meter allows accurate verification of space heating flow rates and return temperatures. Commissioning & verification using UMS UMS-54 Documents Please find relevant links for further reading below, or visit our downloads page. Being seen In addition […]

UK engineers attend SAV’s low carbon event in Denmark

10 engineers from seven UK-based consultancies recently attended a Low Carbon Workshop and CPD seminar in Denmark, hosted by SAV. Its primary purpose was to understand how the 1970s oil crisis incentivised Denmark to focus on low cost, low carbon energy and healthier indoor environments.

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