Mitsubishi Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Don’t waste your energi Heat pumps are a key part of the UK’s heat decarbonisation strategy, so careful selection is essential to ensure optimal building performance. Although it is possible to design systems where heat pumps are the sole heat source, a hybrid solution where combinations of heat pump, elec- tric boiler, […]


Monolinks are small manifolds which enable connections to be made simply and effectively to fan coil and air handling units. They each include a full-bore bypass which significantly reduces commissioning time.  Each Monolink module is supplied as a single assembly and is connected to its terminal unit by just four unions, making it easy to […]

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation systems use fans to supply fresh or tempered air to a space, and can also extract stale air from it. They can be designed as a centralised facility to supply ducted air throughout a building, or as discrete units selected to ventilate single rooms at a time. (Natural ventilation methods, on the other hand, […]


A manifold is a pipe or chamber that branches into several openings. It is used as a distribution hub and can be selected with integral isolators at each branch.  Manifolds reduce the number of connections to be made on site and thus have excellent time-saving potential. Factory-made assemblies often include fittings such as air vents, […]

M-Bus Wiring

M-Bus (short for Meter-Bus), is a European standard (EN 13757-2 for physical and link layer, EN 13757-3 for application layer) developed for the remote reading of utility meters. M-Bus is designed to facilitate the monitoring and measurement of energy consumption to assist with energy conservation. The M-Bus interface is designed to use two wires, though there […]

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Mechanical ventilation systems are those which incorporate a fan or similar device to assist air movement.  An important subset of this main category is mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR).  These systems extract heat from exhaust air and transfer it to incoming fresh air, greatly reducing the heat energy which would otherwise be lost from […]

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Meeting BB101 (2018) with Smart Mechanical Ventilation

The AirMaster SMV CPD explains the main changes to the reissue of BB101 and how AirMaster SMV can aid consultants in solving the new challenges that it proposes. Attendees will gain the knowledge of how to utilise AirMaster SMV in a school setting.

Monolink Ultrasonic Metering Stations for Direct Cooling

Monolink Ultrasonic Metering Stations for Direct Cooling Monolink Ultrasonic Metering Stations for Direct Cooling The SAV 4 Series Monolink UMS is designed to cost-effectively satisfy the metering and billing requirements for applications where the cooling load in the dwelling is relatively low and/or there is limited space and hence a Direct Cooling solution is preferred […]


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