Energy Saving Influencer of the Year Award for the UK

Energy Saving Awards 2023

In recognition of their efforts, SAV’s Head of Marketing, Adam Juel Fabricius, has received the Energy Saving Influencer of the Year Award in acknowledgement of the marketing efforts on behalf of SAV’s sister company EnergiRaven. Launched just over a year ago, EnergiRaven has been unwavering in its commitment to reducing the energy demand of the […]

EC Power CHP

EC Power CHP Making a little energi go a long way Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units generate electricity on-demand at the point of use, using natural gas, hydrogen blend, LPG or biogas. They can power our future heat generation plant such as heat pumps with low cost, low carbon electricity, while reducing the burden […]

Expansion vessel

An expansion vessel is a small tank in heating or domestic hot water systems, which provides protection from excessive pressure caused by thermal expansion in a closed system.  The vessel contains a diaphragm that divides it in two. One section is connected to the hot water system, whereas the other section is dry and contains […]

Electronically commutated motor

An electronically commutated motor (ECM) uses a microprocessor controller to sequentially energize/de-energize each winding of the stator.  This processor-based pulse control sets up the magnetic field that makes the rotor turn. The microprocessor uses a closed loop feedback mechanism to more precisely control the magnetic fields and minimize eddy current losses. This allows a brushless design […]


EnergiRaven Net Zero starts by digitalising building energy usage EnergiRaven’s purpose is to help commercial and multi-residential property owners with complex portfolios cut energy waste to achieve their Net Zero targets. Our platform, therefore, is designed to help understand, plan, and navigate the optimum route to Net Zero. EnergiRaven achieves this through energy education, energy […]


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