Product training – Heat Interface Units

SAV offer a ½ day practical training session for those involved with the installation and commissioning of Danfoss HIUs. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop, mostly conducted in the test lab area of our Woking offices. This has fully connected working versions of 3 different types of HIU. The session objectives are that on completion, each person attending:

Meeting BB101 (2018) with Smart Mechanical Ventilation

The AirMaster SMV CPD explains the main changes to the reissue of BB101 and how AirMaster SMV can aid consultants in solving the new challenges that it proposes. Attendees will gain the knowledge of how to utilise AirMaster SMV in a school setting.

CPD – HVAC Modules

Improved Methods for Flow Distribution, Commissioning and Energy Metering. Ever since 1999 when Commissioning Modules were introduced, SAV Systems has been at the forefront in developing well-designed solutions for use in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. Improvements in flow control have contributed to reductions in system energy usage, simplification of commissioning and better response times. This CIBSE accredited seminar will provide attendees with an update on all of these, and more. The objective is to leave you in a position to take the lead in discussing any of these issues, in a project scenario.

CPD – LoadTracker CHP

This CPD Seminar is designed for Building Services Mechanical Consulting Engineers, Energy Managers and HVAC System Designers. It contributes 1.25 hours of CPD time.

CPD – Danfoss FlatStations (HIUs)

Low Carbon Solutions for District Heating and Central Plant Systems. For those attendees unfamiliar with FlatStation HIUs, the session aims to provide a good understanding of the underlying district heating and central plant principles. The veterans can develop any of the finer points which they would like clarification of.

CPD – 4GDH Heat Network Design

Based on best practice and extensive practical experience gained in Denmark and the UK, this Seminar aims to provide attendees with the design principles governing Heat Networks which are reliable, cost-effective, and future-proofed.

CPD – Trilogy: Integrating Heat Pumps into Heat Networks

Introducing the CPD Trilogy: Integrating Heat Pumps into Heat Networks currently presented online via Teams. The seminar was met with roaring success and positivity from 1500 attendants. We are continuing to offer the CPDs, where you can choose to attend one or all three. Read the details of each one below and get in touch!

CPD – Integrating Heat Pumps into Heat Networks

This CPD seminar guides it attendants on integrating heat pumps in heat network energy centre. It aims to show its attendants how to ensure the best heat pump performance and the most efficient building operation.


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