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SAV Advanced Service Engineer Training

As Heat Networks and Communal Heating are a relatively new method for heating homes, SAV want to make sure that if occupants have any problems with their Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Unit and require a service visit, that the engineer or company contacted is experienced, knowledgeable and deliver exceptional service.

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What You Can Expect

One full day of training including:

1. Introduction to Heat Networks

  • What and why Heat Networks
  • Generations of Heat Networks
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary
  • Types of tertiary systems
  • Diversity
  • Functions of different elements of a network
  • Typical components found in an HIU and their function

2. HIU Installation

  • Wiring
  • Flushing bypass
  • First fix rail
  • PRV discharge
  • Filling tertiary systems
  • Water treatment
  • Wall mounting & union connections

3. HIU Commissioning

  • Heat meter demo
  • Measuring DP
  • DHW temperature
  • Keep warm
  • Space heating flow temperature
  • Pump speed
  • Balancing tertiary systems
  • Return temperature limiters
  • Expansion vessel setting

4. HIU Fault Finding

  • Poor DHW performance
  • Poor space heating flow temperature
  • High network return temperature
  • Using the heat meter for diagnostics
  • Website run through

On Site Support

We offer a FREE commissioning and troubleshooting tool with instructional videos for HIU engineers.

Heat Interface Unit documents

Please find relevant links for further reading below, or visit our downloads page.

HIU document packs contain a commissioning guide, O&M manual and space heating calculator for specific HIU models.

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