Norwich Aviation Academy
Project info

AirMaster - SMV

Consultant: Hamson Barron Smith, Haywards Heath

Client: Aviation Skills Partnership

The Project

The International Aviation Academy – Norwich (IAA-N) is using SAV Systems’ AirMaster Smart Mechanical Ventilation (SMV) to ensure good Indoor Air Quality in classrooms, workshops and IT offices.

IAA-N opened in 2016 at Norwich International Airport and is one of the first of Aviation Skills Partnership’s skills academies where pilots, air traffic controllers, aviation engineers, crews and operational staff can study from level 2 to a full degree in professional aviation engineering.

The Challenge 

Due to the high noise levels at the airport, opening windows for ventilation was not an option, so a mechanical ventilation system was required. Design criteria included energy efficiency, excellent control of IAQ with demand-controlled ventilation and high levels of attenuation of external noise.

The Solution

A total of 22 AirMaster SMVs have been installed at the facility, linked to carbon dioxide sensors to monitor air quality whilst responding to varying occupancy levels to optimise energy efficiency. Control is via Airlinq Orbit and Viva control panels, with links to the facility’s building management system.

A key benefit of AirMaster for this project is the ability to deliver attenuation levels of at least 49dB to control ingress of external noise, whilst filtering incoming air to prevent entry of outdoor pollutants. Outgoing air is also filtered to safeguard heat exchanger performance. Draughts are avoided by automatic supply temperature control and distribution of air using the Coanda effect. These ensure that supply air is properly tempered before moving slowly to the occupied zones.

Lifecycle costs for IAA-N are also minimised due to the demand-controlled ventilation, high efficiency heat exchangers and EC fan motors.

Optimum indoor environment

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