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Edinburgh Leisure brings on a substitute

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Designed by Robert Morham, City Architect for Edinburgh (1873-1890), Glenogle Swim Centre symbolises the future, with historic and modern influences working together in perfect synergi.

Built in the late 19th century, Glenogle Swim Centre’s red sandstone exterior and unique Victorian style contrasts the cream colours of the quiet, residential, Glenogle Road. It certainly stands out visually, and its rich history highlights the Centre’s importance further.

Following the Public Baths and Wash-houses Act of 1846, many bathhouses came to be established in British cities. The Glenogle Swim Centre (built in 1898) was unique in precluding restrictions of any kind, making access available to all. It was thus able to make a significant contribution to the public health of Edinburgh. As time went on and increasing numbers of households became connected to the mains water supply, these bathhouses became the focus for swimming clubs, as this sport became popular throughout Britain.

After many years of service, the Centre was increasingly in need of renovation. Threats of closure triggered a vigorous community campaign to save the historic building, leading to the £5.7m refurbishment project, starting in 2008.

Going Swimmingly

This is where SAV entered the picture, installing 1 x XRGI 15G LoadTracker CHP to contribute towards the building’s heating and power needs. As of March 2019, this unit has been in service for 62,454 hours, equivalent to an amazing 79% of potential running time. With engine life having originally been estimated at 50,000 hours, there is no doubt that the Glenogle Swim Centre CHP has been a runaway success story. The impressive run time has generated large savings in terms of cost and carbon.

The power behind the throne

Established in 1996, EC POWER is the market leader and most technologically advanced European producer of combined heat and power plants. Over 10,000 CHP units have already been supplied to 27 European countries, while their 20 patents are testament to the company’s unique innovative strength. Utilising a modified industrial Toyota engine, the XRGI LoadTracker CHP is a responsive, high-efficiency system that maximises run times and reduces dependence on high carbon grid electricity.

The next 50,000 hours

In March 2019, having gone above and beyond the call of duty, the CHP unit was in need of replacement. Edinburgh Leisure consulted SAV as to the best way of securing continued service, with substitution of the engine and generator set being agreed on. With one SAV engineer in attendance, substitution was completed in just a day.

Edinburgh Leisure have been more than pleased with the performance delivered by the XRGI 15G LoadTracker to date. Their greatest endorsement has been to invest in another 50,000 hours of the same! Impressively, their investment in the new set is predicted to have a payback period of only 2 years.

Optimum indoor environment

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