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As Heat Networks and Communal Heating are a relatively new method for heating homes, SAV want to make sure that if you have any problems with your Danfoss FlatStation Heat Interface Unit and require a service visit, that the engineer or company you contact is experienced, knowledgeable and deliver exceptional service. This will help to solve issues faster and reduce costs for you.

There may be some issues which can be resolved by yourself, please see our “A Residents Guide to Heating” which includes directions to troubleshoot your Space Heating System.

If you can’t resolve the issues with your Space Heating System yourself or have a problem with your Domestic Hot Water the first point of contact should always be your building service or maintenance provider.

If you are not covered or do not have a contract, then on this page you will be able to find contact information for “SAV Advanced Service Engineers” and Companies who have been trained by SAV Systems on the Danfoss Flatstation Heat Interface Unit.

SAV Advanced Service Engineers are required to present their SAV Advanced Service Engineer Card when they visit.

What are Heat Networks...

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