Heat Interface Units

Instantaneous pressure, temperature and flow control.

What you need to know

The correct performance of Heat interface Units (HIUs) are critical to heat networks.

Key issues:

– Required life expectancy 20+ years

– Simultaneous pressure and temperature control

– Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and Space Heating performance under dynamic conditions


Bespoke Heat Interface Units or higher capacities available upon request

Danfoss FlatStation


HIU Options - from Standard to Bespoke

Danfoss FlatStations (HIUs) come in 2 main types: Direct and Indirect both of which use a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) plate heat exchanger. Space heating can be arranged either by Direct FlatStations (HIUs), where the primary circuit connects directly to apartment space heating circuits, or alternatively by Indirect FlatStations (HIUs), which enable the hydraulic separation of the primary circuit through a second plate heat exchanger.

Simultaneous Pressure and Temperature Control

Maintaining a high efficiency whilst having a reliable supply of hot water is crucial.
Mechanical HIU controls ensure both system performance and comfort for residents.

Energy Metering

All Danfoss FlatStations (HIUs) can be easily be equipped with a Kamstrup energy meter, to fulfill billing requirements and enable ongoing energy optimization efforts.

Kamstrup 603 Meter in Hand


Danfoss FlatStations installed in the UK alone

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Design Guides & Brochures
  • FlatStations - Features & Benefits

  • 7 series DS (R-FI) – Indirect DHW / Indirect Heating

  • 5 Series DS (R-FI) – Indirect DHW / Direct Heating

  • 4 Series – Indirect Cooling Only

  • 1 Series DS Novi – Indirect DHW only

  • Prepayment Valve & Actuator

  • FlatStation 7 DS (R-FI)

  • FlatStation 7 DS (FI)

  • FlatStation 5 DS (R-FI)

  • FlatStation 4 (C28)

  • FlatStation 4 (C)

  • FlatStation 1 BS (One B)

  • FlatStation 1 DS (Novi)

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